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To all companies requiring a metal finishing supplier of the highest quality:

As a high end audio equipment manufacturer Basis Audio must offer products displaying high performance as well as perfectionist fit, finish, and appearance. We have found that finding quality vendors can be as challenging as designing new products. Several years ago I designed a model that would represent our flagship product for the next decade or beyond. The visual requirements of this particular new, top product were to be higher than any product we had previously produced.

An important cosmetic aspect of the new Basis product included a metal finish that was very specific, a bead-blasted texture which "glowed" with a subtle sheen (as opposed to a high gloss). I had envisioned this finish from the conceptual design stage, with the fundamental shapes conceived to enhance this metal finish "look". Being vaguely familiar with an anodize process that might give this effect I did not envision any finishing problems. However, after completing the design and machining the raw parts, actually attaining this appearance proved to be the largest source of frustration involving a new product that I had ever experienced. Two years elapsed with several vendors failing to attain the finish I was seeking, resulting in many thousands of dollars worth of ruined parts. A situation of back order was straining dealer and importer relationships.

After many failed searches for a suitable metal finisher Modern Metal Finishing (MMF) was recommended by an anodize company which did not offer a suitable finish but had heard of MMF. I contacted MMF, who seemed confident they could offer a solution. From the first face to face meeting it became clear that MMF was different than any metal finishing vendor I had ever used, with MMF personnel from Quality, Production, and the president himself present. All MMF personnel were solution based. Despite the low volume nature of this product MMF seemed to care only about one thing: supplying product that would allow me to ship to my customers.

Indeed, after several trials MMF had worked out the process which resulted in success. The finish involved proved to be a very difficult process with heavier parts such as those used in my product, explaining the difficulty other vendors experienced. MMF found a way to deal with this challenge and now has a consistent, workable, repeatable production process for our parts.

Due to the fact MMF found a solution of my specific finishing problems, their consistent "can do" attitude, personal service, and the support and professionalism of the individuals at the company, MMF is my favorite vendor of all outside-service companies I have dealt with in 27 years of business. My experience has been that if MMF cannot solve a metal finishing problem then it is likely that nobody can.


Armando Conti, President

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